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Exploring Ethics in Everyday Marketing

At the event, Marketing Practices & Ethics: Operating in the Grey Zones, held in Oakstop’s event space in Oakland’s thriving business district, a panel of speakers shared their insights regarding privacy concerns and best practices to help steer marketers into transparency and ethical marketing practices. Deftly moderated by Lisa Gibello,... read more →

3 Reasons Why Your SMB Needs Instagram

Before the days of Instagram likes, Facebook Live Stories or Twitter re-tweets, businesses had to rely on standard marketing practices in hopes of communicating with customers and prospects. However, neither direct mail, emails nor free swag offer real-time, interactive content with measurable analytics. Social media changed this immensely overtime. On... read more →

14 Reasons Why You Should Get a Digital Marketing Certificate

Taking Your Next Step: 14 Reasons Why You Should Get a Digital Marketing Certificate
We’re well into 2019, with all the tumult and change that’s going on in our world. Sometimes we get so caught up in the turmoil of the news and politics and intrigue that we get distracted from the importance of paying attention to the day-to-day activities of our lives—like our... read more →