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The Freelance Hustle for a Post-Covid Era

The Freelance Hustle for a Post-Covid 19 Era
During the coronavirus crisis my business was flourishing, clients were paying, things were great (for a pandemic, anyway). Then, recently the company that runs most everything on your computer abruptly ended my contract after two years due to budget cuts. Suddenly I was in the club that no one wants... read more →

Four Keys to Pivoting Your Business in Times of Adversity

Four Keys to Pivoting Your Business in Times of Adversity
When the COVID-19 pandemic struck earlier this year, businesses felt the fallout far and wide. But as tough as it has been for businesses, a great teaching moment has been revealed. Leaders have stepped up in unexpected ways to not only ride out the crisis, but to make innovation, creativity... read more →

Webinar Recap: Navigating the New Normal

In the shadow of an unprecedented period full of new challenges and alterations to social norms, there is a degree of solace in the knowledge that businesses still need to exist and people still need to work. Embracing these challenges and looking not to survive, but rather to thrive through... read more →

How Pharma Companies Test Marketing Strategies during the Pandemic

The Government and Pharmacies Response to Medication Shortages Recent developments in the US have caused there to be shortages in Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and various types of medical drugs during the COVID-19 pandemic. The government is working with multiple pharmaceutical manufacturers and engineering companies to keep up with the... read more →