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How Pharma Companies Test Marketing Strategies during the Pandemic

The Government and Pharmacies Response to Medication Shortages Recent developments in the US have caused there to be shortages in Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and various types of medical drugs during the COVID-19 pandemic. The government is working with multiple pharmaceutical manufacturers and engineering companies to keep up with the... read more →

Six Key Takeaways from The AMA Leadership Summit 2020: Elevate

As the saying goes, “Board members who learn together grow together”, and that’s exactly what the American Marketing Association, San Francisco Chapter (AMA SF) Board did this past weekend. Along with all the other AMA Professional Chapter Leaders across North America, the AMA SF Board participated in its annual AMA... read more →

Six Types of Coronavirus Scams Business Owners Should Watch For

6 Types of Coronavirus Scams Business Owners Should Watch For
COVID-19 has turned our world on its head: businesses have been forced to close their doors, the stock market continues to fluctuate, and unemployment claims are soaring. Business owners and managers are dealing with revenue uncertainty, painful layoffs, and plenty of other stressors. Now, they must add coronavirus scams to... read more →