Become an Extern

The four-month-long program will provide externs the opportunity to work with a business professional to gain real-life marketing experiences focused on learning and career development. Externs will include college and graduate students, young marketing professionals, and those transitioning in their careers.

Externship Responsibilities:

  • Hands on Marketing experience with a Bay Area based business, in your area of interest
  • Networking opportunities with the largest marketing community in the United States
  • Attend all required calendar events
    • Usually around 2-4 required events outside of team meetings
  • Maintain constant communication with team and organization
  • Gain Soft Skills & Technical Skills
    • Teamwork, Communication, Public Speaking, Project Management
    • Digital Marketing, Content Creation, Website Design
  • Average Time Commitment:
    • Team’s will spend anywhere between 5-20 hours per week, over the span of the four month program
      • Team’s will plan their own meetings 1x/week at the minimum.
    • It is mandatory to actively stay part of the program curriculum
    • Kick Off/Welcome & Culmination Ceremony (3 hrs in total)
  • Upon completion of the program, extern’s present a proposal with their completed project(s) to the organizations and AMA Members.
    • This is often used by the businesses themselves!
    • Proposals include social media content, strategies, web design optimizations, marketing research, paid media campaigns, etc.

Program Requirements:

  • No educational/career experience required
  • Must complete and submit an application (application link is shared during info session)
  • Must attend an info session (sign up here to be notified about upcoming sessions)
  • Availability for required meetings and workshops
  • Must be an AMA Member
    • Undergrad Collegiate Membership $29/Year
    • Professional or Academic Membership $149/Year
    • Learn more and become an AMA San Francisco member here:
    • *If you are unable to afford a membership, we will work with you to find a way to fund your AMA membership.

How to Apply:

  • Attend Externship Academy Information Session
  • Complete Externship application Extern Application
  • Extern Application results emailed out and confirm participation



What’s the difference between an extern and intern?

  • An intern is an individual who is hired internally to work within an organization. Their hours must be tracked, and an I-9 must be completed.
  • An extern is an individual who volunteers or is hired externally to complete one or several projects for an organization. They act as a consultant so hours are not tracked and no legal documents are completed.

Can I purchase my AMA Membership after being accepted in the program? What if I cannot afford my membership?

  • Yes you can purchase your membership after being accepted in the program! If you are unable to afford a membership, our AMA team will be happy to work with you to find someone who can sponsor your membership cost. Don’t let it be a dealbreaker!

Are there full time opportunities available after this program?

  • The hiring process for the businesses who participate in the Externship program is outside of the AMA. Our AMA team is happy to connect you with our job board, support you with crafting your resume, or connecting you with someone in your industry or role of interest. There are also many volunteer opportunities available within the AMA after this experience, including within the Externship program or on the leadership board.
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