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Digital Disruption Part 1: Crafting An Agile Content System

July 22, 2021 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm PDT

The first installment of our new 3-part event series entitled “Digital Disruption” tackles the fast-paced nature of Content Marketing.


Part 1: Crafting An Agile Content System

Mark your calendars & register for this kickoff on July 22nd at 12pm PT.

As a global leader in technology, innovation and software, the Bay Area sparks new realms within the digital space each and every day. With this rapid development, many obstacles can arise without nimble systems in place.

Our upcoming 3 part programming series called “Digital Disruption” delves into ways for the greater community to learn about what is at the forefront of this intersection and how to embrace demands and new ideas in a strategic manner.

Our goal is to keep you thinking and thriving in this complex space.

Join us for our first installment of this series as we explore key trends and new strategies to tackle the fast-paced and demanding nature of content marketing.

Omar Akhtar, Research Director at Altimeter, and David Novak, Senior Partner at Prophet, will share findings from their annual State of Digital Content study, a global benchmark survey that records the latest trends, shifts, practices, and challenges in delivering content to meet the needs of more personalized interactions.

CHALLENGES | Common challenges that businesses face today include:

  • Consistently producing personalized content at a large scale
  • Delivering it at breakneck speed
  • Having an impact on revenue

KEY TAKEAWAYS | You will learn:

  • Key Trends in fresh content
  • New Strategies to create attention-grabbing content
  • How to strategically manage content throughout an organization
  • The importance of an Agile Content System

WHO WILL BENEFIT | We will provide insights for agencies, brands, media sellers, independent consultants, and organizational experts.

BONUS | **Those who stay until the end of the presentation will receive a full report that will help you assess your current strategies, inspire new ideas and accelerate change.


Omar Akhtar, Research Director, Altimeter | LinkedIn

Omar Akhtar is a Research Director at Altimeter, a Prophet Company where he publishes research and advises companies on digital marketing innovation. His recent areas of focus include content strategy, data-driven personalization, customer experience technology and multi-channel marketing. He is also researching the new field of augmented and virtual reality.

His research reports include industry benchmarks, maturity models, and guides for content strategy, marketing technology and data-driven personalization.

Omar has frequently served as a moderator and speaker in conferences and panel discussions on the above topics, and has been quoted as a technology expert in leading publications, including National Public Radio, CNET, Forbes, Digiday, TechCrunch, and the San Francisco Chronicle.

Omar holds a masters degree in journalism from Columbia University and was formerly the editor-in-chief of the digital marketing blog The Hub Comms. He was also a writer for Direct Marketing News, PRWeek, Fortune Magazine and The Brooklyn Ink.

David Novak, Senior Partner, Prophet | LinkedIn

David, a senior partner in Prophet’s New York office, is an expert in digital transformation strategy, with extensive experience in customer experience innovation, marketing/advertising technology rationalization, and performance marketing consulting.

He understands that the best business growth models rely on defining a clear vision. Without it, companies remain stuck in what they already know and limit their path towards growth. But he’s also intensely practical, working quickly to deliver best-in-class data-centered capabilities that are innovative and cost-effective.

David, who joined Prophet after 10 years at IBM iX, appreciates how challenging it is for large brands to master innovative solution selling and go-to-market strategies. He’s guided Fortune 250 clients in finding powerful marketing technologies, including mobile, social, machine learning, artificial intelligence and augmented reality. He has worked with leading brands such as Apple, PepsiCo, Sephora, Kraft, Kohl’s, United Airlines and more.

He studied marketing at the University of Maryland. He has received multiple marketing awards for highly successful campaigns. His passions include travel, film and a good bottle of scotch.