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All Eyes on Gen Z: Current Trends and Actionable Insights

June 17, 2021 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm PDT

A closer look at where Gen Z is spending their time, what their passions are, and how to engage with them authentically.

There is no doubt that we’re watching a new generation come of age. Amidst the looming pandemic, these digital natives (generally born between 1997 and 2012) are more diverse, more socially conscious, and perhaps more empowered than generations before. Join the AMA SF as we delve into the latest insights and trends surrounding this group of captivating young consumers.

Register today for our next virtual event on June 17th where our expert panelists will help shed light on where Gen Z is spending their time, what their passions are, and what we need to know today in order to engage with them authentically.

See you there!


MaryLeigh Bliss, VP of Content, YPulse | LinkedIn

As of VP of Content, MaryLeigh oversees YPulse’s syndicated products, including newsletters, insight articles, over 60 reports annually, and ongoing surveys that help brands to reach young consumers in the U.S. Her role also involves acting as a culture and youth insights expert, consulting with brands to identify actionable insights, align young consumer strategy, and layer generational and youth knowledge over data findings.

MaryLeigh has worked with a range of brands, including Facebook, Hampton, Bravo, HBO, Target, Best Buy, and Gap, and has been quoted as a youth insights authority by publications including The New York Times, Digiday, Business Insider, and Adweek. She has appeared as a Gen Z and Millennial expert on Bloomberg News, Fortune, and NPR Marketplace, and been a speaker at many off-sites and conferences, including CMJ, ProMaxBDA, and the World Retail Congress. MaryLeigh’s interest in youth culture originated from her love of YA literature and pop culture anthropology, and she is continuing her passion for decoding and demystifying the next generations of consumers at YPulse.

Jonathan Margolis, VP, Head of Brand Partnerships, Brat TV | LinkedIn

Jon Margolis is the Head of Brand Partnerships at Brat TV, the popular Gen Z studio whose slate of hit original series reach tens of millions of viewers on Youtube, Snapchat Discover, Samsung, Roku and Amazon Prime Video. As the Head of Brand Partnerships, Margolis helps top brands such as Nike, Disney, Mars, General Mills, Paramount, NBC Universal and Amazon organically integrate into Brat TV shows through custom integrations, original commercials, music videos as well as through talents’ social media feeds in a positive, brand safe, diverse and aspirational setting. Prior to Brat TV, Margolis spent over 17 years working with fortune 500 national brands and led strategic partnership efforts at Imgur, Under Armour, StubHub and Experian.

Irina Weisfeiler, Product Marketing Manager, TikTok | LinkedIn

Irina Weisfeiler is a Product Marketing Manager at TikTok where she is responsible for the product marketing and go-to-market strategy for TikTok’s Auction Ad Products. Previously, Irina was a business marketer at tech companies and a digital marketer at global marketing agencies where she developed social media strategies for international CPG brands like P&G and McDonald’s. Irina graduated from California State University with a degree in Business Administration. Irina brings her experience in digital marketing to advertising product development and helps build solutions that help advertisers achieve their business results. Irina’s professional interests are in advertising technology and she is passionate about supporting businesses to be more effective with their marketing. Outside of work, Irina is exploring national parks and new travel destinations with her husband and their 8-year-old son.

Annie Por, VP, Brand Partnerships – West, Imgur (moderator) | LinkedIn

Annie has been fully immersed in the digital advertising space helping brands reach Millennial and Gen Z audiences for over a decade. Her passion and specialty lie within the video games vertical, having worked at various gaming publishers including UGO / IUP, IGN / CBS Interactive, and GameSpot. For the last 4 years, she has brought her extensive network to Imgur, bringing the biggest players in the video game space to the platform. As the Regional Vice President on the West Coast, she’s taking her expertise beyond gaming and is committed to helping brands not only reach the elusive millennial and Gen Z Audiences, but also help them win the hearts and minds of these users, at scale.


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